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Hi, I’m a software engineer working in the defence industry based in Istanbul. My main interest domain is Asymmetric Cryptography. Hence I am part of the team that developed PKI client solutions.

My primary language has been C++/Qt for Desktop application for about five years. I also used Java and JavaFX for a smaller scale project in the last couple of years.  

I gained in-depth knowledge of PKI-related technologies and standards such as smartcards, cryptography, PKCS, digital signatures, secure software design and development through the years.

I’m passionate about writing clean and maintainable code. I have a clear understanding of Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC).

My daily tech stack is as follows:

  • Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence for project management
  • Jenkins for build automation
  • Sourcetree for a git client.
  • Cmake for C++ builds
  • Maven for Java builds
  • Visual Studio and IntelliJ Idea IDEs for development

Besides that, I am also interested in Distributed systems. In my master thesis, I studied Distributed digital identity solutions. You can check my published paper from here.

Outside of professional work, I am deeply interested in history, especially Anatolian and Mediterranean civilizations. In addition, I love to photograph and travel ancient ruins. You can check out my non-technical blog from here.


Let’s socialize!

Although I am not very active on social media, you can follow me on the following platforms.